Who We are

The most complex part of owning and operating machinery is invariably the maintenance – this is where AJL Rental comes into play. AJL Rental has a significant maintenance capability including 24/7 callout rostering which ensures their rental equipment has maximum uptime.

The company works with its customers to ensure that the equipment offered will provide the capability required to meet the project’s needs and is maintained to optimum level.

Do you really want to own and maintain your own equipment?

  • Have you experienced poor service levels from original equipment manufacturers and suppliers?
  • Is machinery downtime costing your business?

Your solution is to contact us at AJL Rental – we will provide a solution that allows you to concentrate on your core business and not on the equipment.

Forklifts & Container Handlers

Lift equipment are a core component to many businesses in many different industries. They are so heavily relied upon that any downtime can become very costly.

AJL Rental can tailor a solution to any application. Whether it is a smaller tyne fork, all the way through to larger container handlers.


Just like Lift Equipment – Utes, Buses and Commercial Vehicles play an important role in many different businesses and industries. The ease of transporting passengers or cargo through any terrain is what makes these vehicles so popular.

With many different variations of vehicle available, our friendly team are here to help guide you with the correct solution.


Without Trucks, Australia Stops. That’s why AJL are at the ready for any downtime that may occur. With many different truck outfits available, we will provide a solution fit for your application.


Yard Tractors are a crucial part of any logistical operation. Whether it is unloading a ship or moving trailers within a facility, yard tractors make these tasks simple and easy saving a lot of time and money. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown, AJL can provide a quick turn around on a solution fit for the task.

With many different brands and variants available, contact our friendly team today


Trailers are the backbone of transport and logistics. Day in and out they are pushed to their limits carrying goods from A to B and it’s with no surprise that downtime occurs.

The good news is that when the inevitable happens, AJL are here to help with their selection of trailers and dollies.


Here at AJL, we’re committed to creating a greener future for both our company and the planet. We organise our operations around this central pillar and strive to reduce our carbon footprint in all that we do. We have also put processes in place across all areas of our business, which work to reduce both our impact and our customers’ impact, on the environment.


For all enquiries please use the contact form below or give us a call on 03 6430 2777.